Fitrider Shared Scooter Service Procedure

  1. Customer Order Confirmation
    • Receive customer requests for ordering scooter samples.
    • Request necessary information from customers: MQTT server domain, port, username, password, and SIM card’s APN details.
  2. IoT Configuration
    • Configure the scooter’s IoT connection based on the provided customer information.
    • Allow customers to use the manufacturer’s server for testing if they don’t have their own server.
  3. Testing and Validation
    • Ensure the configured IoT can seamlessly connect to the customer’s provided server and communicate effectively.
    • Verify stable interaction between the scooter and the customer’s server.
  4. Customer Support and Collaboration Recommendations
    • Provide recommendations for collaborating software teams if the customer lacks the capability to set up their server or application.
    • Offer technical assistance to address any server setup or product usage issues.
  5. Information Sharing and Documentation
    • Document customer communications and provided server configuration details.
    • Continuously update customer information and service records.
  6. Final Confirmation and Delivery
    • Confirm the scooter’s complete compatibility with the customer’s server and finalize the delivery process.

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