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No real universal scooter charging stations for sharing mobility

For shared mobility, I don’t believe there’s a truly universal charging station. One possible way is to create a metal bracket and place the chargers in them to resemble standalone charging stations. However, this design is too fragile for public use, making it easy to locate an exposed charging plug station outside. There are several issues with this:

Fitrider Shared Scooter Service Procedure

  1. Customer Order Confirmation
    • Receive customer requests for ordering scooter samples.
    • Request necessary information from customers: MQTT server domain, port, username, password, and SIM card’s APN details.
  2. IoT Configuration
    • Configure the scooter’s IoT connection based on the provided customer information.

Custom Scooter/Ebike Charging dock Solution and Procedure

  1. Project Description
    1. Fitrider is responsible for the core components of the charging station, including charging interfaces, connectors, cables, chargers, control boards, and the charging dock housing, among others.
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