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Who We Are On Service

Shared Mobility Operator :

Whether you already have your own fleet and want to expand your existing fleet or want to change suppliers, or you are a start-up, we are your best choice.

What Fitirdier will do :
1. We accept small orders and ensure high-quality products and efficient, professional service regardless of order size.
2. Leveraging our self-developed 4th generation IoT, we guarantee stable communication for your fleet, reducing operational costs.
3. We provide spare parts to our customers at consistently favorable prices for the long term.

Retailers :

As one retailer, perhaps you getting less and less margins from your original cooperated distributors. So you plan to import electric bikes from china by yourself. While you worry your orders will be neglectful because of small order quantity.

What Fitrider Will Do :
1. Our factory is flexible to adjust our production plans, small orders’ assembly can be arranged together with batch orders to shorten delivery time;
2. Strict quality control standards are adapted to small orders;
3. Some freight companies cooperated, help you find the most economical and convenient transport, to save the import cost for you greatfully ;

Founder :

If you are the newer to import from China, perhpas not familar with procurement and import process;

What Fitrider Will Do :
1. Every customer is assigned one trade manager, they will guide you how to finish the import process; Every questions will be handled seriously;
2. We have many different bike models for sale, trade manager will provide professional suggestions for you to let your products be more suitable for local markets

Wholesalers :

Perhaps your original cooperated supplier can't meet with your demands well, or they wouldn't help you solve the after-sales problems efficiently and timely; So you plan to look for new suppliers to find different possibilities.

What Fitrider Will Do :
1. We have professional technicial dept, completed supplier system, can well support OEM/ODM service. New sample Escooter can be customized as requested.
2. Many inspections conducted during whole production process, Pre-production Inspection-Assembly Inspection-Mechanical Test-Electric Parts Test-Assembled Escooter/Ebike Driving Test-Package Inspection. So escooter quality is well guaranteed.
3. Trade manager will follow up all the after-sales problems by themselves and support technical supports, it will be more effectively and efficiently to solve problems for customers.

Brand Owners :

If you're a brand owner looking to enhance your brand presence;

What Fitrider Will Do :
1. We offer white-label products without branding requirements on order quantities, allowing you to add your own brand labels.
2. We provide customized brand designs such as frame colors, packaging, and more.
3. If you're looking to have an exclusive branded product, we can assist in optimizing the design and handling mass production for you.

Other services we can offer

Explore our diverse services, catering to various business needs, ensuring specialized support to boost your operations.


We have one professional development team, can supply the complete solution rapidly and efficiently based one customers’ requirements. Including frame structure design, electric parts test and mechanical parts matching, etc.

One To One For After-sales Service

Every customer is assigned one trade manager, supply the effective reply within 3hours no matter order discussion or after-sales problems. Trade manager will follow up all the after-sales problems by themselves and support technical supports.

High standard Quality Control

Specialized machinery equipments such as battery capacity test, motor power test, charger voltage test, well-guaranteed for the kits' quality; Many inspections conducted during whole production process: pre-production inspection-assembly inspection-mechanical test-electric parts test-assembled scooter driving test-package inspection.

Short Lead Time

Two assembly lines+experienced employee+specialized machinery equipments+comprehensive supplier system+perfect departmental cooperation can short the lead time to be within 30days.

Valid Certificate

To guarantee our electric scooters can enter into most countries successfully, we had applied CE, UN38.3, MSDS certificate or sea transportation report.

Visualized Production

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Good Warranty Policies

For quality problems, we can provide spare parts for free. We provide spare parts to our customers at consistently favorable prices for the long term.

Supply Chain Management

We can act as your subsidiary in China, assisting in managing your supply chain. We can help procure other items for you, enhancing operational efficiency and optimizing costs.

Discounted price for samples

For some specific products, if customers placing their initial sample orders, we offer highly competitive sample discount prices.

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