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Dock-less Escooter Sharing

Enhance your users' commuting experience with modern & eco-conscious solutions powered by innovative mobile technology. Experience our Fitirder TS10 shared scooter, dock-less escooter sharing service, equipped with Swappable Battery, IoT integration, and Intelligent Lock. Its exceptional waterproofing, sturdy frame, and superior riding comfort redefine urban mobility. Ride into a greener future with the TS10 eScooter leading the way in sustainable urban transportation.

Versatile Shared Ebike

Enjoy our shared electric bikes with features like Swappable Battery packs, IoT Integration, and Smart Motor Lock. Choose between our 20-inch and 26-inch models to match your preference. Whether you prefer a dockless free fleet operation model or a shared ebike with charging docking station, both solutions are well-established and matured to suit your needs. Explore our eco-friendly shared ebike solutions for sustainable urban travel.

Iot Integration

Our self-developed fourth-generation IoT system integrates 4G, GPS, SIM card slot, triaxial gyroscope, and buzzer, supporting QR code/NFC, Intelligent Lock, and Geo-fence features, based on MQTT protocol, ensuring exceptional reliability. Our IoT system enables remote OTA upgrades and allows customers to modify IoT configurations independently. It forms a dependable foundation for escooter/ebike connectivity and management. We also offer customized IoT services for other vehicles, accommodating diverse needs.

Charging / Docking Station

Fitrider charging station, designed with fully concealed wiring, boasts an Intelligent Lock, Information Interaction Module, Power Supply System, Built-in Charger, and Buzzer, providing a complete “Plug and Play”solution. Functions:

Our station ensures vehicle protection, preventing damage and theft, while promoting standardized and orderly parking, making it easier for authorities to manage. This solution not only saves costs and time on recharging but also enhances security. Our new charging dock is compatible with both shared scooters and shared electric bicycles.

Moreover, we offer customized charging docks for third-party vehicles. Benefit from our holistic approach to urban mobility solutions.

Fitrider charging station
Electronic Chain Lock

Fitrider Intelligent Electronic Chain Lock, designed to secure shared scooters or ebikes to fixtures, ensuring prevention against unauthorized movement or theft. This lock controlled by the APP/IoT, enabling automatic release of the chain, inserts the bolt into the lock hole can also engage the lock automatically.

APP Customized Service

Our software partners provide white-label apps and backend management software customized service. They are experienced, trustworthy, and efficient; offering competitive pricing and exceptional service. They are familiar with our IoT protocol, ensure swift integration of IoT and efficient setup of backend software solutions.

Battery Charging Cabinet

Simply place the battery onto the socket for charging, no need to manually insert the charging plug. The charging cabinet is equipped with a one-button power-off switch, and each charging unit has an individual control switch. It offer standardized, safe, and tidy charging solutions, effectively addressing issues related to tangled charging wires and cluttered charging areas.

Fitrider QR code
QR Code Design

We can design QR codes for you free of charge and produce QR code tags. When you receive the scooters or ebikes, the QR code tages will already be installed on the vehicle.

fitrider frame painting
Frame color customization

For bulk orders, we provide free frame painting services, encompassing your chosen color and logo integration. If you lack a designer, we also offer free design services for your frame painting scheme, empowering your brand.

Free Test Server

If your server isn't ready yet and you'd like to test the samples earlier, we can provide you with a test server for free. Once your own server is ready, you can easily switch the server for the IoT on your own.

RideShare Agent

We offer an opportunity for an agent system in RideShare business, available as national or city-level agency partnerships. As an agent, you can earn substantial profits when these fleets require maintenance. We ensure exclusivity by prohibiting direct part purchases, guaranteeing a lucrative revenue stream for agents.

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Explore our successful partnerships and projects in the shared electric scooter industry.

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