Custom Scooter/Ebike Charging dock Solution and Procedure

  1. Project Description
    1. Fitrider is responsible for the core components of the charging station, including charging interfaces, connectors, cables, chargers, control boards, and the charging dock housing, among others.
    2. The customized charging station must be compatible with the customer’s shared scooters or ebikes.
    3. The scooter connector will be installed on the scooter’s vertical rod, while the bike connector will be installed above the bike’s basket rod.
    4. Fitrider’s original two core charging dock components will remain unchanged.
  2. Deposit
    • You are required to pay a project deposit, which is non-refundable. However, this deposit can be used to offset payments for bulk orders.
    • For the specific amount of the deposit, please contact sales.([email protected])
    • The project commences upon receipt of your deposit.
    • The deposit does not include sample fees.
  3. Samples
    • Before mass production, we will design mounting brackets and create charging station samples to send to you. You’ll need to cover the sample fee, which I cannot currently provide an exact quote for. As we won’t be making new molds, we’ll use 3D printing for the prototype samples.
  4. Molds
    • After confirming the samples, you’ll need to pay for the mold fees and a deposit for the bulk order. We’ll then start making the molds and proceed with mass production.
    • Mold fees are estimated to be between $1500 and $2500 USD per set. But we cannot provide an accurate quote before production. We’ll need design drawings based on the bike and scooter samples to provide an accurate quote.
    • Three externally visible core components comprise the charging station. Due to differing sizes and angles of the scooter and bike rods, we must create two sets of molds for the connector mounting bracket, one for scooters and one for bikes.



5. Your Responsibilities

  1. Contact your IoT supplier to confirm if they can add an RS485 interface to the IoT.
  2. We will provide access to the IoT-to-charging-station communication protocol. Your IoT supplier needs to modify the IoT firmware.
  3. Drill holes and slots in the scooter and bike rods for mounting the connector mounting bracket and connectors.
  4. Provide a scooter or bike to us.
  5. Possibly provide the complete vehicle’s 3D diagram.

6. Payment Method

  • Deposit & Sample Fee: 100% T/T
  • Mold Fee: 100% T/T
  • Bulk Order: 50% T/T as down payment, 50% T/T before shipment.

7. Lead Time

  • Design & Making Sample: about 25-30 days
  • Making mold & Mass production: about 45-50 days

This SOP details the steps and responsibilities involved in the customization and production process of the charging station, ensuring clarity and alignment between both parties involved in the project. Adjustments can be made according to specific project requirements.



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