No real universal scooter charging stations for sharing mobility

For shared mobility, I don’t believe there’s a truly universal charging station. One possible way is to create a metal bracket and place the chargers in them to resemble standalone charging stations. However, this design is too fragile for public use, making it easy to locate an exposed charging plug station outside. There are several issues with this:

1.The charging cables are exposed, and users can cut them.
2.Different scooters may have different voltages and charging ports.
3.You need to consider how to secure and lock the scooters.
4.How do you supervise that users must plug in the charger after their ride ends?

If these issues aren’t resolved, I don’t think it qualifies as a charging station; it’s just a charger storage box. This is also why Fitrider hasn’t developed a universal charging station. Some third-party companies manufacture charging stations, but they mostly design and customize stations for specific products (e.g., Ninebot). It’s not an easy task.

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