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Micro-mobility Vehicles Design & Manufacturing expert

Hangzhou Feigu Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2015, is dedicated to the design, research, manufacturing, and sales of electric mobility solutions. We specialize in electric bicycles, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, shared scooters, shared ebikes, charging stations, smart lock and IoT solutions.

With our self-owned factory, advanced testing center, and production lines occupying an area of 5000 square meters, we have established comprehensive research and quality management systems.


Our team comprises multidisciplinary professionals in software, structural design, industrial design, mechatronics, automation, and more, focusing on product research, development, and innovation. Relying on specialized knowledge and top-tier advanced equipment, we continuously introduce new technologies to develop personalized, safe, stylish, and environmentally friendly products.

We have two brands: Fitrider and iVelo(www.ivelo.co). iVelo is our ebike brand, Fitrider is our escooter and sharing mobility brand.

Our products boast novel styles, exquisite structures, superior quality, diverse varieties, and reliable safety features. We prioritize design and technological innovation, and keep up with the latest market trends. Our products have been distributed to over 50 countries, earning widespread customer recognition.

We offer OEM and ODM services. With independently developed electronic control systems and over 10 years of rich experience in R&D and customer support, we’re equipped to address and assist in fulfilling various customized needs of our customers.

We are committed to becoming the most professional service provider of intelligent transportation and micro-mobility overall solutions in China. Our dedication to innovation is deeply rooted in our DNA. We possess independent intellectual property rights, multiple inventions, and technological patents. As the micro-mobility industry evolves, our company will continuously design and develop high-quality innovative electric mobility products with a unique design philosophy and craftsmanship, enabling more people to enjoy an exceptional cycling experience.

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Worldwide Shipping

We offer global shipping services, ensuring you receive your desired products no matter where you are.

Best Quality

Committed to providing top-tier products, we adhere to high-quality standards in material selection and manufacturing processes.

Best Offers

Continually providing the most competitive prices and special deals to meet various customer needs.

Secure Payments

Shop with confidence; we offer secure and reliable payment methods, ensuring your transactions are safe and worry-free.

R&D Team

We have excellent and experienced R&D engineers. Our team comprises multidisciplinary professionals in software, structural design, industrial design, mechatronics, automation, and more. With the concept of technology-leading development, our company has always insisted on independent research and development of electronic control systems, such as IoT, controller, display dashboard, electronic chain lock, etc.

We can provide one-stop services of structural design and electronic control integration for customers’ ODM needs.

Our strong R&D capabilities enable us to deliver mature and highly efficient shared mobility solutions for our clients.

Design Team

We have a professional industrial design team. No off-the-shelf products; all are exclusively proprietary molds,and there is no risk of infringement.

Our design team can empower your brand by assisting with changes to product logos, colors, packaging, and more. If you have a dream electric scooter/bike in mind, our designers can also optimize the design process for you, from 3D modeling to 2D.

Sales Team

We are professional, meticulous, honest, and swift. Backed by a professional sales team, we leverage our extensive experience and expertise in the electric scooter industry and shared mobility projects to provide prompt and responsive support.

We are familiar with various transportation methods such as sea, air, and land shipping, and boast excellent freight partners. We can assist you in selecting the optimal shipping solutions. With a deep understanding of products, related regulations, and certification systems, we hold rich experience in managing and coordinating significant projects. Our goal is to provide unparalleled insights and effective solutions.

Factory Capability

We have three production lines and one testing center: an ebike electronic control components production and testing line, an escooter/ebike parts pre-assembly line, and a complete escooters/ebikes assembly testing line. Besides, other manufacturing equipment are also outfitted, such as tire presses, laser marking machines as well as a variety of machine tools to meet different customers’ specific application needs.

We are fast to respond to both large and small batch orders with customization requirements.

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