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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fitrider shared escooter is equipped with a vibration alarm. If a user moves the scooter without scanning to unlock, the vehicle emits an alarm, the motor generates reverse force, and it becomes difficult to move the scooter. This alarm continues until the user stops moving the scooter. Meanwhile, the iVelo e-bike has an electronic motor lock that prevents the user from moving it.

IP56 for the vehicle; IPX7 for the battery.

No. You need to develop your own APP and backend or outsourcing. If you need the white label APP, we can recommend some software teams. We don’t want to be a reseller of app and backend. We are a escooter/ebike manufacturer, not a software company. We think we should only do what we are good at.

For the TS10 shared scooter, no MOQ, but if your order quantity is less than 100pcs, we cannot customize the scooter color for you, we can only provide black scooters without any brand logo. 

You can design your own footmats in any pattern and color. But the MOQ for footmats is 500pcs. If your order quantity of scooters is less than 500, then you need to buy the additional footmats; for example, if you only order 100 scooters, the footmats used for 100 scooters will be paid by Fitrider, and the cost of another 400 additional footmats needs to be paid by you.

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