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From the user’s perspective,When the user scans the QR code(on the scooter) to unlock the scooter, the scooter will automatically unlock from the station and power on. After unlocking, the user only needs to pull out the scooter.When the charging port of the scooter enters the charging dock of the station, The charging station will detect the scooter, then automatically lock the scooter and charge it.

No. Our charging station is specially designed for our shared scooter/bike, which is controlled by it.

Support. We have encountered similar cases before. However, we do not have the control board and card reader for the RFID card. You will need to develop these features yourself. We can provide access to the protocol between the controller and the IoT, as well as the protocol between the IoT and the charging station.

No. The core components of our charging station are designed according to the dimensions of our product pole, exclusive private model. We cannot mount it on other products, and there are also limitations related to angles, voltage, internal wiring, communication protocols, and other factors.

No. Our existing charging station is not suitable for retrofitting as personal scooter charging station. It is not difficult to make a charging station for personal scooters – all that is required is to make a metal cabin with a built-in charger and run the charging cable out of the cabin, and add a lock to secure the vehicle. However, our company does not have plans to design similar products. If you have a large order, you can discuss your ideas with us in depth, and we have the ability to help you realize it.




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